The secret to getting more book reviews (pro tips for indie authors)

Reviews are important. You need more. Especially in the beginning, when you’re just starting out and have none. You need to overcome the zero-review hurdle before you do any serious marketing, or a KDP select campaign.

Here’s the secret to making it happen.


1. Find reviewers who have reviewed similar books, and pull their emails out of Amazon (I mention some tools in Book Marketing is Dead, you can also join Author Marketing Club).

However, reviewers who review a lot of books get a lot of pitches.

2. Find the guys and gals who review all the books in your genre – you know, you see their blurb on the back of everything you read. Get in touch. Use something like this: “Hi there, I’ve got a book I think you’ll love, based on the other books I’ve seen you blurb. It’s coming out next month which will be perfect timing for you to boost your…” (mention their project or campaign, and why blurbing your book would be good for them).

“Can I send you a copy for a quick skim, so that you can provide a few words if you like it?”

3. Ask in the book. A lot of authors forget this – big publishers would never stoop to begging for reviews in the book itself, but it can be a powerful trick for indies. At the front of the book, just say “If you like this book I’d be so grateful for a brief review, it really does help!”

4. Offer a prize. A personal thank you; a poster of the cover art; some related item mentioned in the story. Something of less than $5 value that you can give to people who review the book. (You’re not paying for reviews, you’re thanking reviewers).

5. Use That’s what we’re here for.