1. Is my book safe?

Your book files will be emailed directly to the authors with whom you wish to trade blurbs, and not shared on our site. While we can’t guarantee that other authors won’t share your book, it is highly unlikely. The authors who use BlurbTrade want to promote their own books and aren’t unduly interested in yours.

2. Where will the reviews be posted?

That depends on each author; an effort should be made to post the reviews to Kindle/Amazon, iBooks and Goodreads – other sites would be welcome.

3. What if my book isn’t published yet?

That’s the ideal time to use BlurbTrade; you can get a handful of book reviews up quickly once it goes live. In this case, ask the other author to send their blurb to you directly so you can use it in your marketing material or book summary/back cover/front matter.

Once the book is available, you can either post the reviews as “Editorial Reviews” or let the author know your book is up and you’d appreciate it if they posted their review on your book pages.

4. I don’t see my genre…

There are too many genres to list them all. Choose the closest option, or else “Other” and then use the tags to get closer.

For example, for vampire romance, you’d select “Romance” and then tag with, “Vampire, paranormal romance, supernatural romance…” and any other relevant keywords. If there’s a major genre I’m missing, I may add it as an option.

5. How long will my offer stay online?

We’ve set the offers to expire after 60 days, so that you won’t keep getting emails forever. But you may want to repost if you’re still looking for reviews, as new authors will be joining all the time. You can also mark your offer as “filled” if you’re no longer looking for trades.

6. Can I post more than one book?

Sure – you can post as many as you want, and manage them on your “Manage Offers” page.

7. I’m concerned about my privacy…

We don’t give out your email to anybody. If someone “applies” to your offer, you’ll receive their “application” from our email, “[email protected]

They won’t see your email unless you write them back. (If you decide to answer them and send them your book, make sure to copy their email address out of the email we sent you, and compose a new email.)

Have another question? Email us!